Category: Movies
Genre: Drama
Everybody has a secret, so there are many lies and secrets hiding. People lie to escape from their sins, and to continue living their lives. But, a lie is a shadow of the truth….. (taken from the drama’s preamble)


Ini dia satu lagi drama Jepang terbaru yang patut ditonton. Berkisah tentang seorang detektif yang merupakan orang baru (shinzanmono) yang ditempatkan di sebuah kota. Ia bertugas menyelidiki kasus pembunuhan yang terjadi di kota itu. Pendekatan dalam penyelidikannya dilakukan dengan cara yang "unik". Dari drama ini saya belajar tentang salah satu unsur dalam kehidupan manusia bernama "lie"….

Synopsis :

In the Ningyo-cho area of Nihonbashi, Tokyo – a woman was murdered. Detective Kaga Kyoichiro, who just transferred to the Nihonbashi police precinct, is placed in charge of the murder case. With virtually the entire residents of Ningyo-cho’s shopping street emerging as suspects, Detective Kaga must use his keen sense of deductive reasoning to uncover the truth

Further information :

Author: Sunu Family

We are an Indonesian family living in Bonn, Germany since 2017. Our family consists of Ayah (Radit), Umi (Retno/ Chiku), Kakak (Zahra), and Adek (Faiq). We will share our experience living in Germany, our trips, thoughts, Umi's related research on her study, etc.

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