Keep on learning!

Recently, I had a discussion with my Taiwanese friend with interesting topic; about religion. She asked me about Islam and anything about Muslim. MaasyaAllah… It’s really surprised me!

Actually, this’s not my first time to explain about my religion, but I always feel that it’s really challenging to explain them in the easiest way. Sometimes, it’s really make me nervous because I’m really worried if I explain it in a wrong way. Furthermore, usually they often ask “unexpected question”. Maybe it’s really easy and basic question, but because we are not used to explain it to foreigner, it becomes hard to say TT___TT.

That’s why, we need to keep on learning, right?

Namun, satu hal yang aku syukuri dari diskusi malam ini. Alhamdulillah, walo beberapa kali aku lupa dengan kosakata penjelasan istilah ke-Islam-an dalam bahasa Inggris, tampaknya temanku bisa menangkap pesan yang ingin kusampaikan. She said; “your religion is really interesting. I thought that the one who made the rules in your religion is really an expert in psychology. Every single thing has a deep meaning…”

MaasyaAllah…. Mari terus belajar dan belajar….


你說:他是真主,是獨一的主; (Nǐ shuō: Tā shì zhēnzhǔ, shì dú yī de zhǔ)
真主是萬物所仰賴的 (Zhēnzhǔ shì wànwù suǒ yǎnglài de)
他沒有生產,也沒有被生產 (Tā méiyǒu shēngchǎn, yě méiyǒu bèi shēngchǎn)
沒有任何物可以做他的匹敵 (Méiyǒu rènhé wù kěyǐ zuò tā de pǐdí)

[Surat Al-‘Ikhlāş – The Sincerity]


Nǐmen jiùjìng fǒurèn nǐmen de zhǔ de nǎ yī jiàn ēndiǎn ne?
So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?

Author: Sunu Family

We are an Indonesian family living in Bonn, Germany since 2017. Our family consists of Ayah (Radit), Umi (Retno/ Chiku), Kakak (Zahra), and Adek (Faiq). We will share our experience living in Germany, our trips, thoughts, Umi's related research on her study, etc.

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