[Video] Panitia AISC Taiwan 2013

It’s such a great experience for having (another) work on publicity and public relations. Special thanks to my team; Yuna, Ulfah, Anggri, and bang Alfi. Including all of the AISC Taiwan 2013 committee member. Baarakallahulakum…

Semoga bisa mengambil pelajaran dari pengalaman ini, dan di acara tahun berikutnya bisa lebih baik lagi. aamiin 🙂

Author: Sunu Family

We are an Indonesian family living in Bonn, Germany since 2017. Our family consists of Ayah (Radit), Umi (Retno/ Chiku), Kakak (Zahra), and Adek (Faiq). We will share our experience living in Germany, our trips, thoughts, Umi's related research on her study, etc.

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